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Critical Illness Insurance

In the event that your employees suffer a critical illness, they will not have adequate protection under normal medical and disability insurance plans to cover their expenses, as suffering from a critical injury can be extremely expensive – especially during the recovery process. Some of the expenses associated with critical injuries are not even covered on many plans. Especially now, critical illness insurance can play an important role in strengthening your employees’ financial safety net.

With a growing market that has limited savings, your employees may have a large financial exposure in the event of a critical illness. Beyond traditional medical costs, your employees and their families may also suffer financially because of the following:

To combat these expensive medical costs, consider providing critical illness insurance coverage for your employees. This coverage provides a lump sum benefit for the six leading illnesses and health events:

An innovative hospital admission rider can also be added to the policy to provide added coverage for inpatient hospital stays for other medical conditions and accidents.

Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance to the Employer and Employee

Overall, a critical illness can have a devastating effect on your employees, both to their health and their pocketbook. Consider offering this coverage in your benefits package to alleviate some of the financial burdens of suffering a major illness or accident.

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